As experienced specialists, we are present more than 15 years in the car customizing / refinement market and we offer professional finishing with real carbon fiber, exotic wood, leather and compression high gloss at the highest quality level.

Our company is located in Budapest (capital of Hungary) and specialized in refinement, customizing. The premium segment is our field with first-class services. We offer individualized interior designs and customized interior and exterior parts.

Real carbon fiber, exotic wood or alcantara: we also refine according to your wishes, your ideas, everything at the highest level and down to the last detail. RS-CARBON is your partner for customizing, refining your car - from mirror cap to a complete customisation!

We leave nothing to be desired! - There's no limits!

The RS-Carbon team


Do you know that moment, when you see something, you are amazed, and simply love it for the first sight?
With our services, our products we would like to ensure that „WOW” effect.
Our craft combines innovative quality work with the knowing how valuable materials sensibly and sustainably should be used.
We always give our entire know-how, experience and craftsmanship to make for you an excellent result.
For us, it is irrelevant whether you want to refine your Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche or VW (etc.), we are happy to assist you with reliable work, top quality, and close customer contact.

We work only with REAL CARBON (real carbon fabric with 245g / m2), we don’t have CARBON IMITATION, like water transfer printing or film!
We convince you with clear and UV stabilized surfaces, excellent fiber processing and perfect fitting accuracy, all of this to the smallest detail!

In addition to refinement with real carbon fiber, we are specialised us on fine wood as well. As by carbon, no film or water transfer printing are used and everything is handmade created and laminated. Over 20 different color / pattern in our selection! 

RS-Carbon exclusive interior and customizing starts where the offer of factory interior stops. Our highly qualified upholsterers are masters in their field. We transform fine leather and alcantara for individual interoirs or one piece items perfectly, to the last detail.

Carbon Parts by RS-Carbon from 100% carbon fiber! Without compromising RS-Carbon offers all fiber composite parts with tailored properties from 100% carbon. The parts are manufactured exclusively in the newest and most technologically sophisticated processes of carbon fiber prepreg fabrication in the autoclave. Those that decide to purchase RS-Carbon parts do so with the knowledge and vested certainty that they can take pleasure in the constituent technical and optical advantages for years to come.


We offer you the best materials, perfect design and the highest quality in all aspects. Through many years of experience with us you will be assured of the right one for your desire, no matter what it is, for a good and reasonable price. Driven by our ambition and attention to detail, we’ll achieve the best possible quality for you!


All of our works are custom made and carried out with pure handwork down to the last details. We don’t have mass production, and refers to the personality we have a good relationship with every single customer.


We provide totally secured shipping via DPD Parcel Service, which is reliable, precise and fast. Order as many items as you want, it will be charged only once for shipping. Tracking with ID. number, in Europe the shipping terms are between 24 and 72 hours.


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